About me

About me.

I have always had a huge passion for textiles. Fabric, thread, fibres, ribbons, and yarn all in an amazing away of colours. The possibilities are endless.....
I am very passionate about using fabrics that were going to landfill. The fact that i can make something desirable from a product that was being thrown away makes me very happy.
The majority of the fabric I use has come from the swatch books you would pick your high end sofas and curtains from. These are thrown away once out of season. I also use the off cuts from bespoke sofa and curtain making too. Then I add my own ribbons, lace, buttons and beads.
When I was given the chance to learn to mosaic I was hooked straight away. It was like patchwork but in a more permanent form. I mosaic onto reclaimed slate roof tiles and am only limited by the size of slate I can get.
I live in Bristol with my partner and 4 cats Fern, Holden, Bay and Batman (yes you read that correct, the cat really is called Batman!)
I’ve never had any formal training and was taught how to sew by my mum, to felt by a family friend and mosaic on a one day course.
I try to use as many local shops or small online businesses for the products I buy, everything else is purchased from UK companies.

I hope you like all the creations available on my website. If you have something in mind that's not available then feel free to contact me and I'll see if I can help you.
I absolutely love commissions as my customers come up with the most fabulous ideas.

Batman, likes to inspect all my makes. 

Bay, likes to just watch.


Fern and Holden came to us as rescue kittens. Very small for their age and very underweight. As you can see there coming along very nicely.