Mosaic gallery

This page has some of the commissions I’ve made. I love making commissions as my customers come up with the best ideas. 

Mosaic chicken house number
Mosaic house name
Magpie mosaic house number
Mosaic house number




This was a birthday present and secretly I’ve been wanting to do a cockerel for a while.

Lovely house name 


Rainbow colours with gold numbers. This one has two different colours of grout. 
 Rainbow mosaic house number

This was a brilliant idea from the customer, a mix of rainbow colours and two colours of grout.

The Blue Orchid is now I need it’s new home in Malta. 

Mosaic house number

Mosaic house number

13 and 15 are off to France, wonderful idea from the customer.

This was the name of the couples home.

This was a lovely Christmas present to be rendered into the front of there home.  

This was a lovely commission that went all the way to the Netherlands, such a fabulous idea by the customer. 

This is the mosaic I made for my own house. When i moved I wanted to do something very special and here it is. 

Mosaic house name in rainbow tiles. you can't tell from the photo but the lettering tiles are all glittery. 

This was for a lovely lady who runs her whole business around her cats.

House name made to look very smart and individual.

You can always add a few of your favourite fungi in to the mix.

One of my favourites here. House name with fabulous butterfly.

The first butterfly i ever did. Part of a much larger piece.